Hey! Welcome to my little book corner of the interwebs. I thought my first post should probably be an introductory post, as most first posts are.

My name is Emily, though I’ll be signing off on all posts here with ‘E. Adeline.’ I’m a graduate student, working towards my Ph.D. in medieval British literature. (Yes, really.) And I read…a lot. For school, for pleasure, for review, for life. I’ve always got a book with me. I think it’s far to say that anyone who makes a book blog really loves books. I’m no different.

For a while, I wanted to make a Booktube channel. I still do, but I don’t think I would stay on top of that as much as I’ll stay on top of a blog once I’m back in school. Future Emily foresees that editing videos would probably be a hassle. I still might! I think it’s a great community, and I follow some amazing people who read amazing things. So. You might see book reviews via video in the future.

What do I read, you ask? Basically everything. My favourite genre is fantasy/sci-fi, but I read a lot of contemporary literature, academic/theory, classics, modern classics, poetry, YA, non-fiction/memoir, even some westerns (I love Cormac McCarthy). There’s really no genre I would write off as something I wouldn’t check out. And, I’m always down for recommendations!

When I’m not reading (or studying), I’m generally either exercising, playing with my two cats, listening to music, or binge watching movies/TV on Netflix. I’m a huge fan of horror movies, and I even have a horror blog where I review horror films or just talk about creepy stuff. If you’d like to check it out, you can here.

I think this will be a lot of fun! I don’t know if I’ll review every book I read individually, but I’ll certainly wrap up the month and include summaries and my thoughts on the pieces. I have a Goodreads and an Instagram, where I post a lot of book related photos.

See you soon with my first review!

–E. Adeline


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