Review Policy

I will always write my reviews in an honest, and respectful, manner. I would never attack the author personally, even if I didn’t particularly enjoy the novel. Negative reviews are an element of constructive criticism (in my POV). I will always be honest with my review, and never say something just because the author/publisher wants me to.

I will review fiction–both adult and YA.

The genres I review are: 

*Historical Fiction
*Post Apocalyptic
*Science Fiction
*Steam Punk

My written reviews will include the following: 

*Brief synopsis
*Release date (if not already released)
*Title of book and author
*Likes and dislikes – discuss world building (if applicable, characters, plot, etc. in spoiler free way)
*My overall star rating (1-5 stars)
*If applicable, who I would recommend it for.

My rating system is as follows:

*5 stars = Loved it! In some way, this book is life changing. I really enjoyed the experience of reading it, will definitely reread, and loved everything about it.
*4 stars = Really liked it! I, overall, enjoyed the reading experience, but I had some issues with it that kept it from being a 5 star book.  Would still highly recommend.
*3 stars = Liked it. I was neutral about it. The things I liked and disliked about it evened out. I left it feeling “Well, okay then.”
*2 stars = It was okay. There were more bad things than good things about the book. Would not recommend.
*1 star = Disliked it strongly. I could find nothing redeeming about the book. Would, obviously, never recommend.


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